Saturday, March 15, 2014

Join Me for Spring Cleaning, Starting This Week!

The 'official' first day of spring is this week!!  And oh man, how I am ready for it!  It's been a long few months of winter here in Indiana, and I am done with it!

When I get excited about Spring, it's garden planning, it's baby animals, it's outside projects, it's fresh air and more exercise!  But it's also, cleaning.  I know many of you cringe at the word, and I do too. But that's why a good spring cleaning is so important!

If you want less work, you think smarter, not harder!

There are so many ways to plan out your spring cleaning.  You can do job by job, a certain amout of time per day or per week, or even room by room.  I prefer a bit of a combination!

This week, I will share with you what I am doing/ going to do, and what will be coming up the following week.  (You can, of course, taylor these plans to your needs). 

Each week, I take one room or area; and each day, I choose a job.  For example, one of your weeks will be the kitchen area. So in the kitchen, the first day you could work on clearing all counters (get rid of clutter, if there is some!), including wiping down all surfaces, backsplash, and any items that usually sit on the counter (cookie jar, coffee maker, decor, etc).  Second day, you could work on your pantry area, or areas.  This could include wiping down shelving, and throwing out outdated items, and donating items to food pantries that you know you will never eat.  Third day, you could clean all utensil drawers. Take all utensils out, wipe out drawers, get rid of unused or broken items.  Organize!  Forth day, refrigerator and stove!  If you have a self cleaning oven, the job should be easy; if not, you might have a bit more cleaning work. Don't forget to lift up the top of the stove and clean all of those food particles or spill overs. For the fridge, you know what to do- clean, clean, clean!  Look for outdated items, wipe all surfaces down. Don't forget the freezer, this can get cluttered with a mix of freezer burnt food that your family will never eat; get rid of it!  Wipe down the outside and don't forget the dust top of the fridge!  A tall person CAN see all that dust that may be hidden to you!.  Fifth day could be cupboard fronts, and floors.  Wipe everything down.  (I will share cleaner ideas, because I know there is a nasty film that coats things in the kitchen!)  Wash rugs. 

Some other filler ideas for the kitchen:
- Wash curtains.
- Wash windows.
- Dust/ wipe down decor
- Clean up that recipe box or develop a new system for your recipes (binder, box, etc)
- Clean out that tupperware drawer!  Ugh!  If there are missing lids or missing containers, get rid of it.  There are cheap and very useful items available to replace them with.
- Clean your coffee maker (I will share my safe/ natural way to do this later!)
- Wash out your trash can (I know I'm not the only one who gets that build up of gunk on the bottom of the can!)
- Clean those light fixtures! (Bugs and dust can build up. EW!) While you're at it, replace bulbs if needed! 
- Do you have a smoke detector on your kitchen?  Make sure to replace those batteries!  Even if it's still working, it's worth the few dollars to keep your family safe and replace them.

Well, you get the idea! 

Hopefully you WILL join me this week as I start with the bathroom(s)!  Keep checking back for ideas, and remember you can taylor my idea to your own.  A little more work today, can mean a lot less work tomorrow!

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