Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again


Well, it's been a while but I am back blogging again!  My original blog 8-Muddy Boots was all about our life on a 10 acre farm.  Lots of animals, gardening, home, cooking, and adventures!  But a little over a year ago, we moved.  The Lord had prompted us to simplify.  Simplify life. Simplify finances. 

When we finally listened (it took a few months!), we put our home up for sale and it sold quickly.  The Lord had plans for us!  After several months, and I will share my LONG adventure another day, we found a new home.  It wasn't what we had expected our home to be, but it was the one that was called to be ours.  

We now live on one acre (a big difference from 10!), and are on a path to simplifying life a bit!  We will still have some animals, and I will still have my gardens, and we will still have adventures, just in a little smaller scale...

Thank you for joining me as I share our Simply Wonderful Life...


  1. Great to see you again. I missed your posts.

  2. Thanks Leslie!! I love to write and we do have a lot to write about!! Just about everyday is an adventure.... ;)


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