Monday, March 17, 2014

Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

I use my homemade cleaner ALL THE TIME. It's super safe. It cleans well. And it's cheap (love!).

I use my cleaner on just about everything; carpet stains, stainless steel, windows, mirrors, laminate floors, counters, my painted cupboard fronts, door handles, painted walls, toilets, faucets, and more.  But before you use this cleaner on anything, please try it on a small spot to make sure it doesn't hurt it in any way.  I've never hurt anything with this cleaner and have been using it for several years, but you just never know!

So here is the recipe:


-  1/3  bottle vinegar (white)
-  1/3 bottle water ( I just use tap water)
-  1/3 bottle rubbing alcohol (You can eliminate this ingredient, if you'd like. It just adds a great streak-free factor.  I would also suggest eliminating this if children use this to help clean. There has been more than a handful of times where this cleaner minus the alcohol has ended up in someone's eyes or mouth while the boys cleaned. Life with boys, eh!?)
-  a few drops of Dawn dish detergent
-  you can also add several drops of your favorite essential oil.  (This gives the spray a much better smell and also can give additional benefitial properties, depending on what you choose to add)

I keep several bottles of this around the house. One in each bathroom, one in our classroom, and one in the kitchen. I do buy other cleaners, I think last year I maybe bought 2 bottles? And I've made probably 12-15 bottles of this in a year.

You may have seen this recipe around the web or one similar to it, and after years of using this, I totally trust this in my home. Hopefully it will work for your home as well!

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