Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And School Begins!

Well, yesterday was our first day of the 2014-2015 school year! I have 2 middle schoolers, and 2 grade schoolers... Time has flown by so fast!

As we start the year, I remember all of the things I love about homeschooling my children...

I love the flexibility. We had a BIG weekend with family this last weekend, and come Monday morning, I had 2 still in bed sleeping at 8 am. I'm a bit of a stickler and like them to begin school at 8 am, BUT I'm not without mercy! On those mornings after a big weekend with family, or a late week night by the campfire, I will let them sleep a bit longer. The rest of the time though, they are in bed by 8:30, and if they want to read for a little bit, they are allowed, but school starts at 8! Be up dressed, fed, and ready to go!!

I love seeing them excited about a new subject they never knew they liked, all because of a program that finally fit their needs. Last year was our first year ( in about 6 years) that we have done a true homeschool program (as apposed to the online school we had done the 2 previous years, and the homeschooling I had done for my older sons through their 1st grade/ Kindergarden years). And when picking out programs I really needed to find things that fit their needs and matched their personalities. Well, I hit the nail on the head with their math programs. I had all 3 using the program tell me how much they loved math now!! Awesome!! This year, it's spelling!! Wow!!! Nothing makes me more happy them their excitement about these subjects!

I love knowing exactly what they are studying. I know every single thing. I can answer questions, I can make them think deeper, I can test them outside the classroom with some practical applications, and we can go back and rework those things that didn't work out so great the first time... 

I love that they (and I) have more time. When my kids were in the brick and mortar school, they would get home at 4-4:30, they would get changed, sit down and have to start homework. Homework would sometimes last a short time, but would many times last an hour, maybe 2, and there were many times we worked on things until they went to bed, and a few times we even had to wake them up really early in the morning and try to complete it then! Ugh!! Now, my kids are typically done by noon, and they have the full gamit of subjects! That leaves time for my kids to be involved in soccer and for guitar lessons. It also leaves time for them to help out around the house with chores (yep, my kids work! And they don't get paid!). But most important thing is that they have time to play and be kids!! They can ride their bikes, they can play Legos, they can do a puzzle, or whatever! 

They are so many benefits. And I bet I can come up with many more great things I love about homeschooling, but the absolute best thing is that I get to be with my own kids! I know my kids. I know their personalities. I know their likes, their dislikes. I know how to connect to them, even though I have a teenager and a pre-teen! 

Are their hard things in homeschooling? You bet! And not everyday seems like a blessing but I can look back and say that it was, because I come out of a bad day usually learning something valuable.

So 2 days down now... Only 178 more til the next summer break! 😉

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