Friday, July 25, 2014

School Books, Canning, and Summer Madness!

Well, Sunday my son got some sort of 'bug' then gave it to me by Tuesday. Thank goodness it was only a headache with some body aches, but still it took 3 days of my life that could have been much better spent elsewhere, but God knows what He's doing and I trust there was a reason He slowed us down those days. And for that part of it, I'm thankful!

But the green beans and zucchini didn't slow down on those days... But, I'm not complaining. Gathering things from the garden makes me happy. And thankful that we are able to harvest and even can a little of this.  Like I mentioned in my previous posts, we started this year with a smaller garden. And smaller gardens mean less produce, so next year I'm going bigger!! I think with our mulching system, my husband won't flinch too much at that. In fact, this is the first year we've had a garden that he hasn't had to do ANYTHING in!  I did get some canning done last week with some green beans. I didn't get a lot but it's free, and it's more than I had! 

My blueberry (cherry type-heirloom) tomatoes are starting to ripen. I love their sweet taste! Can't wait until these start rolling! Other tomatoes are also coming along! Shortly, we will have lots of tomato juice, and maybe tomato paste! Maybe I'll just can the pizza sauce that I always whip up... Plans, plans... 

School books are also rolling in! We have most everything now except for 2 orders that should be in by Monday or Tuesday.  Boys are already getting excited. The older ones are less excited of course, but still excited. They just don't like to be tied down when it's so nice out!  Neither does their mother!! **shhhh!**

Tonight, we are going to have our last family dinner in the home that I grew up in. We moved there when I was 2, and that home raised 5 kids and has seen 12 grandchildren. But my parents aren't as young as they used to be, and moving means lots of new opportunities for them, as well as less work to take care of! So it's a great move for them. Next week, on Thursday and Friday, we will be moving most of their things. Pray for us that things go smoothly! 

Well, I suppose I better get back to the STUFF that awaits me!! I sealed some sugar in my FoodSaver, and it's just waiting to be put away, my canned green beans, are also waiting to be put away, laundry is almost done. Just waiting for clothes line space at this point. Need to sweep and dust yet. And get my dishes ready for dinner tonight. Goodness, seems like much more to type it out like that!! I Better get moving!! 

Everyone have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. I have followed you for so long in your journey and am glad to know that you are settling in. Your other home was so homey and pretty. How is homeschooling going? What curriculum do you use? Love when you post!


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