Monday, April 21, 2014

Strawberry Plants in the Ground- More Work Today!

What an incredible blessing Springtime can be! I absolutely love when the grass starts to green and the trees start to bud out... Fall used to be my favorite, hands down, but Spring has tied for the lead. I love how everything can go from being "dead" to alive again and thriving! Such a blessing and a reminder of new life!

On Friday, we got a new garden plot tilled, and right away I planted some June-bearing strawberry plants. 30 total. We don't have a fence up yet, so I am hoping our dog doesn't plow through them too much until then. 

Today, we have already been working on my new orchard area and garden! I'm so excited. My husband is getting loads of free mulch from our county compost site, and I have been busy spreading cardboard boxes on the ground so grass doesn't pop up too bad in the mulch. I am also spreading mulch in my garden! For questions about why I would do that, you can do a search on Eden Gardening. Very good free info on the web. I'm hoping this will work out for us!!

I have to go for now. Hubby should be here anytime now with another load!! I will post pictures soon of our progress!

Boys helped plant strawberries!

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